Rediscovering The Age of Sexual Stimuli

No need to push the door of a swingers club or turn SM to spice up his sex life. With a little imagination, you can live torrid and funny body to body. For this, just slip into the skin of one or another, the time of an evening. Here are 10 ideas for a sexual game to enjoy as a couple, naughty scenarios to interpret with your lover to boost your desire and increase your pleasure.

  1. Prepare your scenario

To play an erotic RPG, you can decide to plan your scenario in great detail. Knowing your role, you feel safer. It is even possible to write the dialogs in advance.

  • Or improvise

Some prefer to improvise on a frame. With a little practice, you will feel more and more free and at ease.

  • Make the point before

Also plan to talk about what you do not want. It’s still a game, you must never feel manipulated or forced to do something you do not like.

  • Find a compromise

Which game to choose? A scenario that you like both even when the furry sex games. This is not necessarily easy, because no one has the same erotic imagination. The ideal is to find a game that is at the intersection of your two imaginary.

  • Be attentive to the desires of the other

What makes him (or her) fantasize, to dream, these are perhaps small details which for you do not matter but which for him (or her) are essential .

  • Do not put pressure on yourself Do not

ever think that you have to be up to sexually. Here, the goal is to have fun together.

  • Do not disperse

Do not necessarily try to vary the erotic games, to try them all. If you find one that suits you both, you can repeat it dozens of times with all kinds of variations.

  • Think about accessories

You can stage grandiose: adapted clothing, chosen place, appropriate decor. But you can also do more sober and play at home in usual dress. What matters is to stimulate the imagination. For this, accessories are useful, but not necessarily essential.

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  • The gardener
  • The scenario

Your partner, craftsman of a night then, rings the door. Fresh and pomponned in your new satin nightie, you receive it. The flow goes very well between you, and you enjoy flirting while this man and reassuring man tamper in his toolbox. The ideal is to make a little longer the moment you both turn around the bush. Your worker then really begins to work, and you look at him, you skim it … An essential step to raise the desire.

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