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Fine Enjoyment with the Porn Blog Now

How to create a porn or adult website? What steps must be followed? For some, porn is still somewhat taboo, but the truth is that the words porn and sex are among the most sought after on the Internet. According to a study by the video portal Pornhub, the second website with the most viewed pornographic material on the Internet;US is the tenth country in the world where most porn is seen. Therefore, many have decided to start an online business with adult material. And the figures speak for themselves. Currently 12% of websites on the Internet are porn, every second is spent on pornography 2,517 $ and 28,528 Internet users are watching porn. Therefore, make no mistake; many people are making money with the simpsons porn blog.

The First Thing

First of all we must determine if we want to upload our own material to the server, for which we would need a very powerful hosting for the large amount of disk space that we would use, together with the great data transfer that we would consume (something usual in this theme because of the large number of visits they usually have).

This would be really expensive and not recommended for beginners. The second and best option is to get material from other video networks like the aforementioned Pornhub and link their videos to our website. This is the dynamic used by many webmasters, as this would be worth a less powerful server.

  1. Hosting for porn website or blog

But, is it worth any hosting to create a porn website? The answer is no. From Advertising for web  we recommend in the Web Development section to hire Webempresa , undoubtedly the best Internet web server, but unfortunately they do not offer hosting service for websites with porn or betting themes. So, for our porn blog we must look for other servers, usually outside of Spain.

  1. The best adult or adult web hosting

In this way, for websites with adult material we recommend Hostgator . A hosting located in the United States, which works perfectly with websites of pornographic themes and which serve to see adult material. Most sites on this subject are on their servers. Do not be alarmed if you see that the content is in English, since you have the option to translate into Spanish and you can also communicate with them in Spanish.

  1. Guidelines for creating a porn or adult website

The second step is to follow the corresponding guidelines for adult content. Internet is international, therefore, only the laws of the country of the owner of the website are those that apply to the distribution of pornography. In the United States there is no set of laws for the distribution of adult content on the Internet. This is a good reason why we should choose a hosting that is in the American country, such as Hostgator.

It is also essential to create a porno blog to warn users that it contains adult material, so you have to put a warning of this (legalnotice ). This notice will prevent minors and not interested from browsing the website. The law that governs adult sites is 18 USC 2257, which requires producers of any adult material to visibly maintain that all artists are over 18 at the time of production.

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